Little but pretty Leiden&Delft

2013-02-17 14.30.09

The Netherlands is a great country for road tripping. If you are visiting with a car it’s a great opportunity to stop and take a walk in Leiden (famous for its University) and Delft (famous for its white&blue porcelain). We passed through Den Haag and we were pretty much amazed by its rich architecture. Once again I will not give you any advice like “where to eat” but I will show you the way I saw these sweet cities located in a scenic areas. They are very romantic and picturesque and I really enjoyed our little walk there.

2013-02-17 14.31.05 2013-02-17 14.38.24

Leiden is located on the Old Rhine, at a distance of some 20 kilometers from Den Haag to its south and some 40 kilometers from Amsterdam to its north.  So as I said it’s really simple to realize a trip even by train between these cities.2013-02-17 14.47.37 2013-02-17 14.48.07 2013-02-17 14.56.13

To take these shots we climbed the last flat of the mall just in front of  this little lake in the middle of the city.
2013-02-17 14.56.32 2013-02-17 14.57.09 2013-02-17 16.25.06

In Leiden I saw the most beautiful bikes ever! One day I’ll have one like this or red one on the picture below 🙂

2013-02-17 16.37.29

2013-02-17 16.28.15 2013-02-17 16.29.02 2013-02-17 16.31.15 2013-02-17 16.31.47 2013-02-17 16.33.48 2013-02-17 16.34.30 2013-02-17 16.35.13 2013-02-17 16.35.32 2013-02-17 16.40.28

The following pictures are from Delft, the city of birth of a great dutch painter Vermeer.2013-02-17 18.00.52 2013-02-17 18.02.26 2013-02-17 18.11.15 2013-02-17 18.44.27 2013-02-17 18.49.14

Delft is well known for the Delft pottery ceramic products which were styled on the imported  Chinese porcelain of the 17th century.

2013-02-17 18.49.20 2013-02-17 18.49.40


and from now on INSTAGRAM also 🙂


  1. Slike su predivne… Sanjam o tome da imam onaj beli bicikl 😉

    1. aaa slažem see! =) Ja svaki dan prolazim pored trgovine s biciklima odakle me promatra jedan bijeli poput ovog sa slike…, čeka me…. strpljivo me čeka! ^ ^

  2. Prelepe fotografije!:)

  3. A coat

    I made my song a coat,
    Covered with embroideries
    Out of old mythologies
    From heel to throat;
    But the fools caught it,
    Wore it in the world’s eyes
    As though they’d wrought it
    Song, let them take it,
    For there’s more entreprise
    In walking naked.


  5. slike su predivne, zgrade isto, a bicikli tek !

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