3X1//resto, bar & café à Paris//


Some good Parisian addresses I tried lately are on the menu this time 🙂


Where to eat chines in Paris? In Paris Chinatown – Quartier Chinois in 13th arrondissement. The restaurant Lao Lane Xang, (102 Avenue d’Ivry, 75013) is not expensive  and the food is really delicious. So you have a good quality food for a good price. The menu is impressively long and varied.

IMG_6610 IMG_6634

The second address I chose for you is a trendy juice bar in 7th arrondisement- Alain Milliat (159, rue de Grenelle 75007 ). It’s far from typical Parisian bars but sometimes we just want to try something new. This bar is a great place to spend some time with your girlfriends in peace. All the juices are bio and the variety of them is just incredible!

IMG_6641 IMG_6643IMG_6635 IMG_6645 IMG_6646 IMG_7546

 Finally here we are – on Champs Elysées. Le café Kusmichoff is a part of the flagship Kusmi tea (you should count around 8 euros for a tea). I was surprised to find so trendy and cosy coffee shop in the middle of the most crowded Parisian street. There you can try some great Kusmi teas and enjoy the romantic view if the Champs Elysées 🙂IMG_7548 IMG_7550


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