Prix de Diane 2013, la fête des chapeaux !


This is one really special  event I attended last year and ever since that day I was impatient to live it again. It’s like a very big cool wedding. All around the Hippodrome in Chantilly, (a little town in the north of Paris know for it’s gorgeous castle that holds famous Musée Condé), people are chilling on theirs pick-nick naps wearing the most special outfits you can imagine. Meanwhile they are watching horses running for the Prix de Diane. To see the last year’s photos click HERE.

The Prix de Diane is a Group 1 flat horse race in France open to three-year-old thoroughbred fillies. It is run over a distance of 2,100 metres and it is scheduled to take place each year in June.It is France’s equivalent of the  Epsom Oaks, a famous race in England.

IMG_9087 - Copy

There is something really special about this kind of a horse race and that is the dress code which says – HAT! And make is really special, even better- make it extravagant! Last year as you can see in THIS post I wore something more ordinary. In other word  -last year I learnt a lesson. You SHOULD have a special hat girl! So to make it really special me and my friend Eleonora visited the hat kingdom of one friend of mine who has 85 years and a spirit of the girl of 25! She creates hats and she is doing some extraordinary amazing creations. The best part of all – everything she earns she gives to hospitals and children in need. Adorable isn’t it? I you are interested in her work I can give you her mail and telephone number.


I was happy as a child when in the middle of the crowd I saw the smiley face of my favorite French blogger Valentine, the author of the most beautiful blog ever Hello it’s Valentine. This charming girl accepted to take a picture with us without hesitating and I was even happier because I released she was just a normal girl with a lot of style that makes her different from others. She is wearing stunning hat made by Florence Chardigny.

IMG_91192013-06-16 17.35.26

Me and my handsome fiancé


My dear girlfriends


And now I’m leaving you with some beautiful or just special creations. Which one is your favorite?

IMG_9133 IMG_9137 IMG_9138 IMG_9139 IMG_9141 IMG_9142 IMG_9143 IMG_9154 IMG_9157

Last year I dedicated whole post to pick-nick and horses, you can find it HERE.

IMG_9165 IMG_9179 IMG_9180 IMG_9183 IMG_9184 IMG_9185 IMG_9189 IMG_9201

This gorgeous woman attracted my attention for a while and (with a support of my friends) I asked her for a picture. She accepted with a pleasure. I don’t know her name but I have an impressions that she is/was a supermodel. 🙂


Famous Mentalist, Simon Baker was there this year too.

IMG_9204 IMG_9216 IMG_9259 IMG_9336 IMG_9338the last 4 photos was taken from


The girls had an opportunity to attend the elegance competition!


This charming girl won the elegance competition Chantilly 2013

Maybe this event reminds you of this famous scene?



  1. wow! Amazing!

    Love the red one with black or blue rose, I can’t tell….it’s greaat!

  2. nema do onog sesira s krletkom od prosle godine ;D

  3. Hannah · · Reply

    Vrlo ste zgodne 😀 Imam jedno pitanje za tebe, je li istina da mi za Pariz ne treba Museum Pass ako imam ispod 26 godina? Idem u srpnju, a računam da ćemo tada već biti članovi EU, pa hoće li to vrijediti i za nas? Znaš li možda na što ovo pravilo ne vrijedi, koje znamenitosti? Hvala unaprijed 😀

    1. Hvala ti 🙂 Da imas besplatno u sve muzeje (ali samo za stalne postave, osim u Orsayu u kojem su i izlozbe besplatne) i vecinom za sve spomenike.
      Uzivaj 🙂

  4. i prošle godine su me oduševili šeširići…isto se događa i ove 🙂
    i ajme..ovaj event je kao neki iz bajke…izgleda extra

  5. Such great photos!!!!

  6. […] panama jaune soleil. Une très belle journée ponctuée de rencontres de filles adorables (hello Anita et Aude !)Merci à Charlotte, Florence Chardigny et toute l’équipe de Publicis Dialog […]

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