Keith Haring au Musée d’art modern


I have to admit-  I’m not a huge Keith Haring’s fun, but I was curious to discover his works so I went to see The political line – his huge retrospective in Musée d’art moderne. I wrote an article about this exhibition for Croatian portal Buro24/ . I invite you to read it HERE.

Even thought I was not enthusiastic about this exhibition I really appreciated it a lot. Hope you’ll love the pictures.
[000166] [000167] [000170] [000171] [000175] [000184] [000195] [000204] [000206] [000207] [000209] [000212] [000215] [000216] [000222] [000224] [000228] [000233] [000232]



  1. Yale84 · · Reply

    Such awsomeness!

  2. Mene općenito uglavnom ne oduševljava suvremena umjetnost, ali ok je s vremena na vrijeme provjeriti je li se što promijenilo u međuvremenu 🙂
    p.s. redovito pratim tvoje članke za Krpu i baš su kul!

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