3×1 (café, bar, resto) à Paris

2013-04-07 18.01.20

I’m sure you’ve already noticed on my blog that there is always some place for food/dessert. There are so many places in Paris where you would be ready to pay ‘a lot of money’ just to have a bit of something gorgeous your neighbor is eating (well if you have already visited Paris you should know by now that you’ll always have a seat very close to your neighbor). Speaking of comfort I just realized that all of my examples are kind of an exception because in every of them you will be really enjoying all the room you need as well as great ambiance that is a little bit different of the usual ambiance in little Parisian bistros and cafés.

Ladurée, Café Laurent, Paradis du fruit

Ladurée– enough said! This famous place to buy macarons is one of the most visited by tourists. Well if you want to try some other delicious sweets from Ladurée there is one addresse I absolutely adore- 21 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris. It is situeted in St.Germain’s quartier near the famous café Les deux magots.

2013-04-07 18.11.20

2013-04-07 18.41.00

The next stop is one hidden bar called Café Laurent. It’s situated on the ground floor of the Hôtel Aubusson (33 rue Dauphine). Classy and chic this is a place to listen jazz and to have a Royal Martini. Maybe we’ll cross there someday 🙂 I have to admit that this is one of my favorite places ever. Everytime I spend some time there I tell to my self – C’est la vie!

2013-04-07 20.22.46

2013-04-07 20.30.11

2013-04-07 20.23.17

There is also an adorable terasse when it’s not chilly outside.


My third recommendation is a restaurant Le Paradis du fruit- a trendy restaurant situated near the Fontaine St.Michel (29 quai Grands Augustins). It’s a very touristic quartier where the easiest solution is to take some ‘kebab’ or sandwiches. If you want to eat something healthy in the corner this is a place to be.






  1. Magnifique!!!!

  2. Gosh, pourquoi j´ai lu cet article juste après avoir mangé? T´as un talent pour me faire à nouveau venir l´eau à la bouche:-) Et tous ces délices t´attendent dans pas si longtemps! Cheers:-)

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