New concept. New lives


After two years of blogging I’ve decided to give more space to other people: the charismatic ones who make our hearts beat faster when they talk with passion and persuade us that we are invited to do things that fulfill our own lives. This new idea made me change a little bit the name of the blog*. Cherry blossom time was my own personal metaphor for blessed days in my own life. The one we cherish in our memories because they were touched by God’s mercy. When I first came to Paris I realized that the most beautiful time of the year** was the cherry blossom time – the time when the streets are covered by the veil of delicate flowers painted in tender rose.  Then it came to me – it’s like being happy- you can not keep it last forever but you can remember it forever, and remembering it will change your life forever. Cherry blossom lives keeps the same signification but world “lives” speaks for itself – it’s about you! You are very welcome to convince me to make some room on the sofa for you so you could continue convincing me that your passion for life and your job is unbeatable! If you want to be a part of this little project of mine contact me on: anita[tocka]cherryblossomtime[at]gmail[tocka]com.


The sneak peek shows one young gentleman who’s career started to be a serious one. Vlaho Arbulic is not just a model and a singer, but also (very soon) a holder of Master’s degree in electrical engineering. I know him since he was a child but….who’s that guy? Why do I think my readers care about him? I think they care. Girls I KNOW you care! Stay tuned, we talked about some really interesting stuff!

One talented young professional took those great photos of us while we were babbling. Thanks Maja Jokic you are the best! (Don’t even think to engage someone else for your big day- Maja is a member of Fearless photographers– the best wedding photographers in the world!)

 *Facebook doesn’t allow to change the name of the page if one has more than 200 likes so I was not able to change it.

**Sharing first place with the Christmas time of course.



  1. Looking fwd. to see all the photo session!

  2. […] znamo se od kad smo bili mali . Za prvi u nizu razgovora u svom novom entuzijastičnom projektu ‘Lives in blossom’ izabrala sam Vlaha da bi na nekin način ostala u ‘confort zoni’ (drugim riječima da se ne […]

  3. Chloé Van Dooren · · Reply

    Great! :))

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