Inspirations Parisiennes: MERCI


Paris is a movable inspiration. That been said I really mean that the whole Paris, its streets, stairs, architecture, magasins, marchés, brocantes, salon de thé, brasseries, chocolateries, boulangeries, even metro can (just sometime) be some kind of an inspiration. When it comes to the interior design I can not even imagine the number of stores proposing everything from antique furniture to super modern statement  pieces with some famous signature. Notwithstanding I’ve decide to share with you some photos I took with a dear friend of my, my favorite Italian architect Eleonora. Both of us were in love with with the offer of the concept store Merci.


Adorable Eleonora fits this place just perfectly!

_MG_8904 _MG_8911

In Merci store you can find also Annick Goutal’s parfums.

_MG_8912 _MG_8917

Surely, you don’t want someone to grab your bag because it looks like his/hers!

_MG_8920 _MG_8922 _MG_8923 _MG_8924 _MG_8925 _MG_8926 _MG_8928 _MG_8934 _MG_8935 _MG_8936 _MG_8937 _MG_8939

This chair was made for Eleonora wearing this hat!

_MG_8941 _MG_8942 _MG_8948


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