Your heart is green

20140510_170745 (1)

Zagreb has a green heart fulfilled with all the colors you can imagine. As you know I’m a huge fan of gardens and parks so when I find that kind of place in the city I’m simply seduced. And I can’t resist. It’s like some kind of an enchantment…you just let it overcome you. So you let it become your favorite place in the city. The one where you come often to forget the world, the one that makes you smile with your heart.

In the heart of the Zagreb, a stone’s throw away from the center (10-minute walk from the main square- The Jelacic Square) you’ll find the Botanical Garden. Its free-standing clumps of trees, winding paths, the flower beds that have strictly symmetrical lines are some characteristics of this place you’ll just love.  It’s really the place to be in Zagreb. For all of you who are interested in visiting Croatian capital find some more ideas HERE.   Hope yo’ll enjoy photos. 2014-04-18 16.42.5420140510_171109 20140510_171244 20140510_171301 20140510_171545 20140510_171624 20140510_171900 20140510_172759 (1) 20140510_175215 (1) 20140510_180231 (1) 20140510_182959



  1. Yale84 · · Reply

    Tres beau!

  2. Michel-Ange · · Reply

    I think this is by far the best blog out there! It paints a beautiful life and gives a glance at the most beautiful girl on God’s green earth!

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