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Sweetheart, let’s see if the rose…

Parc de Bagatelle- oh yes heaven is a place on Earth! I wrote abut it so many times. The article you appreciated a lot was the one from  last year (Bois de Boulogne- the most romantic spot in Paris) when my fiancé and I made a huge promenade all around Bois de Boulogne.  This beautiful peacock was so proud of the […]

Adventure in Fontainebleau & Vaux le Vicomte

I am aware of the fact that everyone who is coming to Paris really wants to see the Eiffel’s tower, Montmartre, Le Louvre or Orsay and eventually Versailles. I did the same thing when I came for the very first time 😉 But if you are coming more often to this magnificent place I recommend […]

Swimming in roses

If you ask me there is no flower like a rose! One might love orchids, tulips and peonies but adore just a rose. There is a good reason why it became such a cliché to give a rose to a woman. It is elegant, sophisticated, its perfume is precious and its petals so tender. I don’t have to […]

Have you been kissed on a rainy day in Paris?

It was raining whole this week-end. Luckily we have a lot of flowers all around to remind us that it’s spring, otherwise it will be impossible to tell. What one can do on a rainy day in Paris? A million of things. But what if one just really wants to have a walk in the […]

…good as spring itself…

Today I’ll share with you some beautiful Hemingway’s thoughts that made me think of spring.  I warmly recommend A Moveable Feast that I’m reading in this moment. Yesterday we went to Parc de Bagatelle, one of my favorites in Paris. I wrote about it in THIS article where you can find more photos and information. “When spring came, even the false spring, there […]

Versailles mon amour II

—Scroll to see the french version— Kada sam prvi put posjetila jedan od najpoznatijih dvoraca svijeta vrijeme je bilo mekano i jako toplo. Moja draga Sanja i ja smo se suncale i hvatale bubamare. Ovaj put bilo je sivo i vlazno, ali je isto bilo u prekrasnom drustvu – moje sestre Marine i njezinog decka. […]

Croatie la voici, Mestrovic au Musée Rodin

—Scroll to see the french version— Izlozba skulptura Ivana Mestrovica (1883.-1962.) postavljena je u Muzeju Rodin u sklopu festivala Croatie la voici. Rijec je o opsežnom projektu kojim će se ove jeseni Hrvatska predstaviti francuskoj publici nizom događanja s područja hrvatske kulture, obrazovanja, znanosti, turizma, gospodarstva, sporta i gastronomije. Izlozbu sam odjurila vidjeti cim je […]