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Rouen you have my heart forever

Last Sunday was a perfect one for visiting Rouen. After such a long time we had some sun to warm us and beautiful blue sky to make us even more happier. I felt in love with this magnificent city the moment I saw its architecture: it’s an incredible mix of splendid Gothic churches and picturesque wooden houses. The real reason to […]

Idyllic and peaceful Briare

This little city we visited is located 150 km southern of Paris. His famous canal is one of the oldest in France. The photo above shows the Briare aqueduct which carries another canal over the river Loire. Famous Gustave Eiffel participated in it’s construction. Its beauty is stunning! Some old timers got on our way 🙂 […]

Walking with Van Gogh

All around Paris there is a lot of beautiful picturesque villages. It’s widely known that impressionists preferred living around Paris to living in the center of the famous city. After living for 37 years of his life in Netherlands, Belgium, England and France Van Gogh found the peace in the heart of Auvers-sur-Oise, a village 30 kilometers to the north of […]

Week-end en Val de Loire #2 Blois

Je vous ai promis la suite de mon week-end en val de Loire. Après le château de Chambord on a visité le château royal de Blois. Malgré les températures assez bas (j’ai vous ai déjà dit qu’il faisait -10!) on a fait une promenade dans la ville de Blois aussi. Obećala sam Vam nastavak fotografija […]