Zagreb has a green heart fulfilled with all the colors you can imagine. As you know I’m a huge fan of gardens and parks so when I find that kind of place in the city I’m simply seduced. And I can’t resist. It’s like some kind of an enchantment…you just let it overcome you. So you let it […]

I just wanted to share with you some moments spent near the sea in my charming Cavtat in Croatia. The beautiful light pouring from the horizon and some silver linings dancing in the waves is everything you need to feel peaceful again.

You liked those photos on my facebook page so I thought to myself “I’ll share it also on the blog”. This was the outfit I wore for one beautiful wedding in Karlovac in Croatia.  I think all kind of head pieces, hats and fascinators are really chic. Wearing them you’ll feel like a lady and surely someone will whisper […]

When in Paris go brunching. Lazy, cozy brunches are made for Sunday relaxing. The brunch I’m showing you today is not my favorite one but it’s a quite different one. When compared with other brunches it is a little bit too pricey (25e). Parisians love it because it’s original and stylish. Nevertheless this place is more […]

Sometimes I just want to spend my whole day in the musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris. Every time it’s a new adventure.  This time my imagination was captured by works and inspirations of the Belgian fashion designer Dries Van Noten.  This is the very first exhibition devoted to his work. The iconic pieces from the museum’s fashion and […]

April in ParisChestnuts in blossomHoliday tables under the treesApril in ParisThis is the feelingNo one can ever repriseI never knew the charm of springI never met it face to faceI never new my heart could singNever missed a warm embraceTill April in Paris, Whom can I run toWhat have you done to my heart… Enjoy the […]

When it comes to exhibitions I have to admit that I’m a little bit addicted to them. I just love to visit them all the time, on my own, all alone. Favorite ones? Those representing fashion /or/ photography.  I was waiting for so long for this one! The exhibition Papier glacé, un siècle de photographie de mode chez Condé Nast  […]